Public events

“Young chefs” great competition

17 September 2016 for the eleventh time our organization organized a cooking event with the support of EEMI (Ministry of Human Resources) for children living in care. This year it was in Sikonda, where groups of participants were ready to cook ‘lecsó’.

During a whole day program almost 300 participants were hoping for sunshine while they were having a great time. Participants arrived from all over Hungary. There was even a group from Austria.

While the competitors were cooking there were several programs organized by volunteers. In the ‘creative tent’ children could learn how to thread beards, how to paint, how to make origami. Those who prefer sports could take part in sport competitions. The bravest ones could take part in a tasting competition.

The famous chef Zoltán Teleky and six-members arrived in the early afternoon.

At the end of the day the so called “Tökmag” drama group from Budapest finished the day with their performance: “A kitten’s tale”. This drama group did the play for FICE’s art project in 2016.

Though cooking was the focus of this event it was qualified for more than that.

Besides that this program, is a great opportunity for children to get out of their environment and to become found of cooking, it is also a great chance for expertise to get together, which seems to be more and more demanding.

Furthermore, during such accusations, colleagues can make formal and informal connections, which they can use in many ways in life.


With the cooperation of EDUNET we had two trainings in September. 15 participants at each training.

The topic of the training was the RLG program which helps to improve the initiative for youngsters of age-group 16-24. This doesn’t mean to train youngsters to become entrepreneurs, rather to develop skills to become more proactive in the fight for their own lives.

During the 7-hour-training of the trainers, the participants could learn about the characteristic of the NEET generation, learn about the aims of the RLG program, input, output, as well as the competences that need to be developed. Competences such as solving problems, taking responsibilities, flexibility, ability of taking risk…, etc…

The participants could learn about the experience of the program collected so far.

They could find some solutions how to use the program in their own environment.

Gift Day

11 December 2016 FICE Hungary with the support of EEMI organized the Gift Day again. This time it was in the assembly hall of Budai Ciszterci Szent Imre Secondary School in Budapest.

The guests (more than 300 kids and adults) from all around Hungary, altogether from 28 children’s homes from the countryside and Budapest.

The opening of the event was a surprise. It was fallowed by the performance of “Tökmag” drama group, then came Rolando the magician. After that free-style dancers astonished the audience. After the break the band of Starmashine played music and made the audience dance in a minute. During the break the guests were given hot chocolate and milk bread. At the same time enterusiastic volunteers were doing creative things with the kids.

At the end of the day everybody could go home with a special gift pack from the firm Würth and of course with many nice memories of the day.