Drawing competition

As a continuation of the “Gift Day”, we announced a drawing competition. It was a great way to get some drawbacks from the children and to build further relations with the children’s homes in the country side as well as in the capital city.

There were two mottos:

“The best memory of the Gift Day” and “The best gift for me…”, it was a chance for those who could not come to the program itself.

Seventy-two competitions arrived from all around Hungary. We grave prizes in two categories and two in two age-groups. In this way we were able to seward twelve works. Precious gift were given to three special-prizes.

Any other public events

Public service and Psychology Conference

The National University of Public Service with participation of our organization realized the “Civil Service and Psychology” Conference on 16 June.

The aim of the conference was: To build a common platform in the field of enforcement and public service of behavior, criminal psychology and pedagogy and experts connected to communication, in order to help each other’s work.

Topics were:

  • Profile
  • Education – training in the field of enforcement
  • Childcare – enforcement
  • Tactics of action
  • Researches from behavior science in security

This was the third Public service and Psychology Conference. This time there were 200 participants. At each conference the message that there is a need for such professional meetings is obvious.

The child – care – enforcement sections are key factors, because colleagues arriving from 8 different platforms agreed on the importance off common trainings and researches.

General Assembly of FICE International

FICE International Assembly was on 21 August. Katalin Szabó, secretary and Ildikó Mélyvölgyi member of FICE Hungary appeared on behalf of FICE Hungary.

33rd FICE Congress and 2nd CYC World Conference

FICE Hungary with 7 people appeared at Congress, which is a worldwide appreciated meeting of professionals.

Among the participants there were long-standing members of FICE Hungary like founder president, dr. Gyuláné Blumenfeld, as well as founder members as Éva Dobos and dr. J. György Kollmann.

There were members of the newly –formed board too Rita Dóka, president, dr. Judit Hegedűs vice-president and Katalin Szabó secretary. Our vice-president, dr. Judit Hegedűs (head of department at National University of Public Service) took a lecture on the 3rd day of the congress. Her main topics were the followings:

  • The influence of the changes in public education in child care. The reduction of Compulsory education in Hungary and the situation of child care at schools at present. Its reaction to early school-leavers and the danger of becoming criminals at a very young age.
  • the changes in the range of institutional education, especially the limit of 12 years old children; the challenges what children’s home have to face, concerning the characteristics of the age- group, Z generation, drug addiction, the state of their health and useful practices in these fields.
  • tasks, programmes concerning child care

Participants at the conference are not only useful for the organization, but it is useful in the image of Hungary abroad. We find it very important to move to an international stage with the cooperation of their nations. This could represent Hungary in such a view where professionals do work for those in need.

’Hair- cut for a smile’

FICE Hungary with ’NENESZ” organized an event called ’Hair-cut for a smile’ three times already. Hairdressers helping in this project, cut children’s hair for a smile in child care institutions.

In the morning there were hip-hop dancers, aerobic trainers, face and nail artists, even a clown with balloons to make figures with them. At each event between 70-80 children could have a new hair cut. Between 20-30 volunteers were working to help the children feel and look better and nicer.

ERROR Festival

Error Festival is an art festival for socially disadvantaged children. It was on 25 and 26 November in Bratislava with the support of EU.

“Tökmag” drama group was also invited for the festival. They played “A kitten’s tale” with AHA Homeless stage groups with the support of the Hungarian Red Cross and FICE Hungary.